Key features

Fully decentralized (Soon)

Managed by smart contract.

Open Source (Soon)

All code published on GitHub.


Transactions are fast and consume minimum fees.


No one can block you funds.
No deposit and registration required.

Exchange all (Soon)

Supported: TONBANKCARD [TBC] jetton, built-in additional currencies USD$ Tether per TON.

User Friendly (Soon)

Convenient applications with user interface are created on top of the smart contract

What should I do with TONBANKCARD [TBC] jetton?

Transfer to fund wallet

This wallet is similar to a certain virtual bank, but inside the wallet, transfers of TBC and USD₮ Tether to TON from account to account occur with zero commission, as well as other interesting functions, as well as deposits and withdrawals to your TON wallets.

Coming Soon

Staking for a fixed period

Freeze your TONBANKCARD [TBC] tokens for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 days from 10,000 TBC to 1,000,000 TBC on the styling platform and receive additional tokens every day! Pools with a yield from 1% to 5% are available on the site.

Coming Soon

The market TBCPay

TBCPay Commerce — securely accept payments in TONBANKCARD [TBC] and USD₮ Tether on TON. For sellers and buyers. TBCPay is a brilliant solution for sellers and a great place to buy goods with a TONBANKCARD [TBC].

Coming Soon

Participate in the economic game

An exciting game simulator with the ability to mine TONBANKCARD [TBC] tokens! All that is required of you is to register in the project, develop your virtual business and withdraw the extracted tokens to your TON wallet!

Coming Soon

Conditional transfer smart contract

A decentralized financial smart contract that collects TONBANKCARD [TBC] and releases them when a certain condition is met. It can be used for escrow, crowdfunding, storage, separation, etc.

Coming Soon

Cryptocurrency exchange software

Access to 243,510+ financial instruments (COINS). Analytics and market overview! High security, reliable regulation, simple and intuitive interface. Technical indicators and interactive charts.

Coming Soon
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

From the idea to the implementation of the top platform for the exchange of TONBANKCARD [TBC] and USD$ Tether tokens on TON, as well as with banking products and NFT cards.

Nov 2022 Preparation for TBC exchange, etc.
Dec 2022 Preparing to start exchanging NFT cards for TON.
  • Preparing to start exchanging NFT cards for GETGEMS.
Jan 2023 Prelisting on the DEX of the TBC jetton, etc.
  • Prelisting (TBC/TON TBC/SCALE contracts) for TBC jettons on DEX
  • Preparing to add the TBC jetton to the Tonkeeper whitelist.
  • The development of the TBC client will become a portal of financial information about cryptocurrencies.
Fev 2023 Tonkeeper Whitelist and Launch - TBC Client
May 2023 Improvements
  • We are starting to develop the first version of the smart contract for TON for TBC Wallet.
Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2024 Analytics tools are embedded in the platform interface
  • Smart contract updates: partial trades, optimization, etc.
Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2025 Launch
  • Development of web platform for professional traders.
  • Beta testing.
  • Launch around the end of the year.